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About Us

BigWolf was born out of a desire for what partying could be like in Paris. Each BigWolf party generally follows a theme, which allows participants to dive into a specific universe. Often the participants come with accessories or dressed in the theme. But for BigWolf, the most important thing is the music. Particular attention is paid to the choice of DJs. For this, BigWolf calls on the most popular DJs on the international gay scene. But that's not all! Each BigWolf party is a real show, which includes costumes, dancers, gogos, light show, projections on a giant screen, effects... Ingredients that help make each party a great moment. Moreover, BigWolf's leitmotif is that every party is the best party, and this since 2014!

Recognized for its artistic vision and the work provided by its team, BigWolf collaborates with many international brands. Among them, Forever Tel Aviv is certainly the most emblematic. The collaboration with Forever Tel Aviv started from the very beginning and contributed to the success of both brands. BigWolf also owes a lot to Offer Nissim, who placed his trust in it from the very start. Finally, BigWolf has succeeded in making "BIG" a party brand appreciated by Parisians, and recognized even beyond our borders, as we have seen after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Vision

« Make each party your best party »

To achieve this ambition, we have strict specifications that we impose for each of our events :


Because a party is essentially based on the music that is played there, we work with the best DJs of the musical style of the party type.


A festive spirit can not develop without performers, professional dancers, sexy gogos, special effects, beautiful lighting and videos on a giant screen.


We work in appropriate places to receive clubbers, both in terms of capacity (cloakrooms, dance floor ...), that of the safety of the public or adapted equipment (sound system, lights...).


The majority of our team members is part of the adventure from the beginning. Nothing is never perfect, so we constantly learn and improve our operations.

Our Mission

« Create and produce quality events »

To carry out our mission, we have an integrated structure that allows us to produce our events from A to Z in complete autonomy.


Thanks to our own ticketing system, we control the distribution of our presale tickets or the management of the VIP bookings.

Visual Art

All the graphic elements of our events are realized in our graphic studio, with the help of our partners and freelancers, which allows us to manage end-to-end the graphic chain.

Video Studio

The trailers and video elements shown on our events are all produced in our internal video studio. This integration allows us a better consistency accross all media.

Project Management

We outsource all "non-creative" operations, including scenes construction, installation of giant screens or adding lights and effects, but we ensure supervision and follow-up in project management.